Build a brighter financial future, with the advisors you trust.

As a business owner, your potential extends far beyond your business. The collaborative efforts of Integrated Advisory Network members help propel you to new heights in both your personal and business life.

Tired of managing your entire financial life on your own?

You shouldn't have to manage the complexities of your entire financial life by your self. Are you asking yourself any of the following questions? If so, contact a member firm today.

Is my business generating enough to support my retirement goals?

I want to build a financial plan but don’t know where to start?

Am I missing something within my estate plan?

Do I, or my business, have the right amount of insurance?

I want to sell my business but don’t know where to start?

Are there other tax efficient strategies I should consider?

You’re more than your business.

The Integrated Advisory Philosophy revolves around unifying your family, personal finances, business, and advisors together, creating a cohesive and continuous financial planning experience customized to your unique aspirations and objectives.

Work with an Integrated Advisory Member Firm

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1. Find a Firm Near You

There are IAN Firms across Canada. Find an IAN Member firm near you by using the map below and begin building your integrated financial plan.

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2. Book Your Discovery Meeting

Schedule your Discovery Meeting where your advisor will help you outline your objectives and how to achieve them.

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3. Find Financial Clarity

Experience the confidence and clarity that comes with having an integrated financial plan that brings your business, family, and personal finances together.

Client Benefits

As a client of an Integrated Advisory Network member firm, you get access to resources, tools, and support not available in other accounting firms.

From access to industry specialists, the newest financial planning technology, and beyond, you can be confident knowing you and your CPA have everything you need to get you to where you want to be.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Experience a proven and holistic approach to financial planning, guided by your CPA.

Access to Specialized Expertise

Tap into a pool of collective knowledge and expertise from the industries best and brightes.

Innovative Technology Tools

Get access to the latest financial tools and technologies to help you budget, forecast, and make more educated financial decisions..

Collaborative Problem Solving

Work collaboratively towards a common goal, with a focused strategy, with all of your professional advisors on the same team.

Barry and Teena's Integrated Advisory Experience Story

A plan without action is merely a wish.

Business owners who work with Integrated Advisory Network Members have the advantage of comprehensive financial solutions tailored to their goals. These firms use a holistic approach that goes beyond basic accounting, or financial planning, to not only help them create a plan, but also put that plan into action.

Additionally, the network's shared knowledge and cutting-edge technology mean that clients benefit from innovative tools and access to specialized expertise from industry specialists so they can be confident in the advice shared with them.

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, working with a member firm guarantees efficient, top-notch financial services that are customized to your objectives.

Find an Integrated Advisory Member Firm near you.

There are Integrated Advisory Member firms across Canada. Find an accountant near you who can help you create an integrated financial plan.