Independent CPA firms, tackling their biggest challenge together: Disruption

The Integrated Advisory Network (IAN) is steadfast in its mission to cultivate a collaborative network of independent CPA firms that share best practices, and provide proven solutions to tackle the most intricate and disruptive challenges CPA firms in Canada face today.

Stop trading time for money

Retain top quality talent

Grow your firm’s revenue

Accounting firms are being disrupted. Don’t get left behind.

Join a network of forward thinking Independent CPA firms dedicated to evolving their practices to meet the changing needs of their clients.

Struggling to attract and retain top talent?

Unsure how to evolve your service offerings to meet changing client needs?

Feel like you don’t have the time or resources to work on your business?

Tired of charging for time, and feeling like you have no time?

Worried that the banks, big 4 firms, or other technology is stealing your clients?

Are you clients unclear on why you bill the amount you do?

Access resources and support like a national firm AND maintain your independence.

Established Trust

CPAs abide by a code of ethics that are founded on integrity. Clients already rely on their accountants to provide unbiased and honest advice. This trust is essential for a successful and long-term professional relationship.

The Center of Integration

With a broad understanding of a wide range of financial concepts, CPAs offer client’s clarity on the impact of certain decisions on taxes, budgets, and more!

Proactive Advice

With the level existing understanding about the client’s financial life, CPAs are in a position to be proactive and offer valuable advice in a timely manner.

Value Based Fees

Without charging for the time spent on the client’s file, Integrated Advisory firms are able to comfortably bill clients for value delivered with straightforward and transparent pricing.

Become an Integrated Advisory Network Member


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Complete and submit the IAN Member Application for your firm.

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Member Benefits

All members of the Integrated Advisory Network get access to exclusive benefits and perks that help them build a thriving wealth management practice within their accounting firm.

From recruitment support and practice management coaching, to exclusive events and networking opportunities, members of the IAN get first class support to help them elevate and evolve their accounting firm.

A Proven Roadmap

CPA Firms across the World have evolved their practices by offering an integrated approach to financial services. We’re helping Canadian firms do the same.

Coaching and Mentorship

Professional coaching and mentorship to help you, your partners and your staff feel comfortable having deeper conversations with your clients.

Exclusive Events & Networking Opportunities

Member only events and opportunities to help you broaden your network and sharpen up your skills.

A Value Based Fee Structure

Adopt a tried and true, value based fee structure, offer complementary planning services that enhance your existing accounting offerings, and drive new revenue.

What it means to be an Integrated Advisory Network Member.

It’s time for the next evolution of your firm.

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, independent accounting firms face the challenge of keeping up with complex regulations, diverse client needs, and emerging technologies. Being independent, most firms often lack the vast resources and network that larger firms possess.

The Integrated Advisory Network offers a solution by providing a collaborative platform where independent accounting firms can access the collective wisdom, tools, and support they need to evolve their firm and thrive. Through the network, firms can offer clients an expanded suite of services, including integrated financial planning, thereby adding value to their relationships.

Being part of the Integrated Advisory Network enables independent accounting firms to maintain their autonomy while enjoying the benefits of being part of a larger professional network.

This combination of autonomy, support, and collaboration makes joining the Integrated Advisory Network an empowering choice for independent accounting firms.

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